Fenix Furia

Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC!

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About the Game

From Green Lava Studios, Fenix Furia is an inspired, frenetically-paced, challenging, and aggressively addicting 2D action platformer that will keep one’s palms sweaty, thumbs fatigued, and wits sharp. Gamers take on the role of Fenix, whose village is decimated by a huge explosion, leaving only two survivors – Fenix and Oktarus, a mysterious figure who manages to elude Fenix’s best efforts at capture.

Fenix Furia instantly throws gamers into hundreds of lightning-paced levels that test their ability to jump and dash their way through a maze of dangerous obstacles, all in an effort to track down the shadowy Oktarus and collect each level’s cookie! Offering pixel-perfect mechanics, gamers will nonetheless struggle mightily to achieve the best rankings in the best time with the fewest deaths to rub in their friends’ faces. Loads of different enemies, slick retro-inspired music, fantastic environments, and the need to master lots of varying platforming tactics lay in wait…are you up for the challenge?